Refresh for America

Refresh for America is a collection of solutions that aims to address the core concerns many of us have with politics. The solutions focus on how money comes into Washington through our tax code, how money leaves Washington through our budget, and how we elect the leaders who move the money around, the congress. If we can successfully address these three areas of government, the rest of our challenges will become easier.

Refresh the Tax Code: The tax code is too complicated and unfair, worst still, it's used as a tool by politicians to reward friends seeking political influence. If we want to fix the code it must become simple and off limits for added complexity. No deductions other than a standard deduction, no loopholes, no joint filing, no capital gains rate, no tax exceptions, no tax expenditures. Your tax return fits on a postcard. The personal income tax rates are as simple as 10, 20 and 30 percent. The goal, our federal government raises 20% of GDP (historically Washington takes in 18% of GDP).

Refresh the Budget: In the short term we implement all of the recommendations put forward by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. In the long term we change the budget process to require all 535 members of congress to submit their own balanced budget. The average of all 535 balanced budgets become the budget. This puts every leader on record to state their priorities, it decentralizes control over how taxpayer money is spent, and the end result is a balanced budget. The goal, our federal government spends no more than it takes in, 20% of GDP.

Refresh the Congress: Perhaps the most important of the Refresh for America plan is the one that address our trust in leadership deficit. A successful refresh of congress will address three areas of influence in our election system: district line drawing, money in politics, and the mechanics of how we vote.

  • Gerrymandering When party leaders draw district lines for partisan gain you loose, yet this happens in just about every state, in just about every district. The color of your skin, your wealth, your past voting habit, or any other of your personal characteristics should never be used in the process. To enable this change we need to move the power of line drawing away from party leaders who are drawing them for their own gain and onto non partisan committees to draw lines for proportion alone. These committees could be aided by peer reviewed software that would help ensure compact and contiguous lines. The goal of line drawing should be equal population with minor consideration given to natural geographic boundaries. The goal of line drawing SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT PARTY CONTROL.

  • Money in Politics To address the problem of money in politics, or more specifically the disproportionate impact of money in politics by a select few, we issue every taxpayer a $50 democracy voucher. The voucher can be used in support of federal elections, if it's not used it goes towards paying down our national debt. With a voucher in your hand, the focus of politicians will be back on you, and everyday Americans. This is in contrast to where the focus is today, which is on lobbyists, fund raisers, and special interest groups.

  • Score Voting If you wanted to design a voting system that benefited the current two party system, excluded independents and third parties from being viable, and resulted in our politicians having to cater to extreme ideologues, you would design what we have today. Score voting changes all that and is the upgrade we deserve. This reform will maximizes voter intent and give you the ability to best express yourself at the ballot box. With score voting there is no fear of wasted vote. You vote on a score of 0-9, giving the candidates you like the least no score or a low score, giving the candidates you like the most higher scores. The candidate with the most points in an election wins. Simple, effective, no bias, and no fear of a wasted vote.

These solutions are not hard to come by. if you listen to economists and non partisan political scientists, add in a bit of common sense, and aim for fairness, these are the solutions you arrive at. We have solutions, now we need leaders willing to solve problems.

If all this sounds naive to you, if it sounds too out of reach for any of us to accomplish, I've got three words for you: We The People
This is our government, they work for us, and it's time we start demanding more of what we deserve.

My name is Chris Borgia. I am running for U.S. Senate, as an Independent. Many tell me that it's never been done before. That independents can't win. They say it'll take a catastrophe to wake us up to the failures of our current leadership. I think they're wrong. American's are a resilient people, who may not being watching politic closely, but are perceptive enough to know something is fundamentally wrong. What voters need is to see leaders step up and show what right looks like. I am in this race to try and do just that.

I've never been aligned with a political party, I've written and signed two pledges, the first is to only serve two terms, the second is to only accept small dollar donations. I served my country in the U.S. Army and now I want to serve my country in the U.S. Senate. I am not in this race to become a Senator or a politician, I am in this race because I find public service fulfilling.

You may not agree with me 100% of the time, but you will know where my loyalty lies, it's with you, and all Americans. For me, it's America Always. Support me, support the solutions in my Refresh for America plan, and we will get closer to what we deserve.