Count on Chris

Integrity, selfless service to all, and a willingness to find common ground to address our national challenges. That's the type of leaders we need in Washington, that's what I'm offering.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am not a lawyer, I don't come from money, nor do I have any powerful friends. What I am is a soldier turned civilian who sees failure out of congress and knows we deserve better. I am a student of political science upset at how divisive, unproductive, and unfair the two dominate parties have become. I am a first generation American who wants the next century be like the last, an American century. And now, I'm one of four people who will be on the ballot in Florida seeking your vote.

To earn that vote I not only have to present good ideas, I also have to earn your trust. To help earn that trust I have pointed out where we need reforms, I have shared video from 2006 where I spoke passionately about the same reforms I speak of now, I have pledged to limit contributions, I have pledged to limit my time in office, and now I'm going to tell you when not to count on me.

When not to count on me:

I am 5'7, the average height of an American male is 5'9, don't count on me to be the tallest person in a room. I don't have hair on my head, and that's not by choice, don't count on me to grow hair anytime soon. I am not a very good speller and my penmanship is hard to read, don't count on me to pen any hand written letters. I don't adhere to an ideology, if you do, don't count on me to adhere to yours.

When you can count on me:

Count on me to serve with honor, integrity and selfless service to country. Count on me to address our challenges with the interest of one group in mind: Americans. Count on me to say no to the politically well connected who try to unfairly enrich themselves at the public's expense. Count on me to uphold the Constitution and speak honestly about our challenges. Count on me to support transparency, accountability, simplicity and competition in every aspect of government. Count on me to leave congress after two terms. Count on me to retain my small dollar donation limit while I am in office. Count on me to be human; which is to say I will make mistakes.

I am in this race for a variety of reasons, but the one thing I look forward to doing the most is being counted on to live up to these principles and delivering on them. I look forward to being the person in congress you can count on to do what is right for America and all Americans.