Why Run

Candidates are motivated to run for a variety of reasons, these are mine: money, power, impose my moral beliefs on others, no ...

Disproportionate Influence of Money in Politics

Money influences a lot in life, including politics. I am not running to change that. What I want to change is how some have gained disproportionate influence over political outcomes using large sums of money. Our representative republic is not designed to work like this. Call it corruption, call it influence peddling, call it crony capitalism, call it what ever you want. It's happening, it's not fair, and I am in this race to help change that.

Restore the Honor of Public Service

Lesser of two evils. That's how many of us feel when we go to the ballot box, but it doesn't have to be like that. The private sector has leaders that could do great things in government. Problem is, those leaders have honor, integrity, courage and moral conviction, so they tend to avoid public service. They avoid it because our election process is no longer about electing quality leaders to solve problems, it's about raising money from the same groups impacted by your vote, pandering to subsets of Americans, and not upsetting gatekeepers to power. I am in this race to help get more public servants on the ballot, and ultimately in office.

16 Trillion Debt

It's immoral. The thought of one generation passing on so much burden to it's children, but our leaders in Washington are doing just that. Our leaders are too weak to tell voters the truth: we can't afford the government we're getting. Taxes will have to go up and spending will have to go down. Passing on this massive burden to our children is not an option. That's why I'm in this race.

Divisive Politics

Politicians categorize voters into subsets of Americans and then pit one subset against another for political gain. This political style is tearing our nation apart. Leaders do not divide, they unite. I want to see us more united. That's why I'm in this race.

Complicated Tax Code

Our tax code is unfair and too complicated. It is not complicated because collecting taxes is complicated, it's complicated because politicians use it as a tool to raise money for their campaigns, punish their enemies and reward their friends. The more complicated the tax code the less voters understand about it, the less voters understand the less accountability we have. The tax code should be simple, fair, and off limits as a tool for political and selfish gain. That's why I'm running.


I want our confidence back. Confidence in our future successes, confidence in our leaders, confidence in our status on the world stage. I want to be confident our children will have a shot at prosperity. Confident that the values of this nation, the values of hard work, liberty for all, and equal access to opportunity, are upheld and strengthened. That's why I'm running.