I am not running to serve your individual interests. Your wealth, skin color, and age are of no concern to me; neither is the gender of the person you love, how many guns you have, or when you think life begins. I am running to do what most in congress can't seem to do, serve equally and address our national challenges without bias. To do this I will use the Constitution and common sense as my guide. This is in contrast to my competition who seem guided by self interest, party interest and the exploits of human emotions on wedge issues. Where I stand on the issues will reflect this.

If my approach offends you, here is a link to the republican and the democrat in this race. Those guys serve subsets of Americans. Those guys like to label you, put you in groups, divide you against other groups, and then claim to serve your individual interests based on those groups. That style of leadership is not working and the divisive nature of it is tearing this country apart. I will serve one group: Americans, if you're in that group I look forward to serving you.

Refresh the Congress

Our governing system is broken, but unlike the Republicans and Democrats who are not motivated to reform a system that benefits them, I want to Refresh the Congress so it works for all Americans.

Send me to D.C. and I will fight to:

  • Upgrade our voting system to allow for fair competition at the ballot box with score voting.
  • Shift candidate attention away from large dollar donors and back onto everyday Americans by providing democracy vouchers to all taxpayers.
  • Prevent party leaders from drawing district lines for partisan gain (voters should pick candidates, not the other way around).

Refresh the Budget

Our budget is unsustainable, but unlike the Republicans and Democrats who only want to reform the budget so it works for their favored subsets of Americans, I'm motivated to Refresh the Budget so it works for all Americans.

Send me to D.C. and I will fight to:

  • Lower our deficit and debt by supporting all the recommendations of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility plan.
  • Provide a year end receipt to taxpayers that itemizes how government spent their tax revenue.
  • Decentralize control of the budget process by requiring all 535 members of congress to state their priorities and submit their own balanced budget, the average of all 535 budgets would become the budget.

Refresh the Tax Code

Our tax code is too complicated, but unlike the Republicans and Democrats who use the tax code as a tool to reward their friends and punish their enemies, I want to Refresh the Tax Code so it works for all Americans.

Send me to D.C. and I will fight to:

  • Lower rates and simplify the code. Three personal income tax rates: 10%, 20% and 30% with a $10,000 standard deduction for all. No itemized deductions. No corporate tax. No joint filing. No Tax Expenditures.
  • All federal tax receipts are kept off budget with separate accounting.
  • Make tax laws predictable and stable to help ensure taxpayers and businesses can make long term plans.

Other Issues

Addressing the issues outlined above on the tax code, budget, and leadership in congress are my proprieties. If we can successfully address these issues all others will become easier to address. For more stances on positions please see the policy positions