Press Release

Nothing but the Voter to Serve

For Immediate Release

January 11, 2012


Nothing but the Voter to Serve: Independent Chris Borgia Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate

-Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mr. Borgia, an independent candidate not aligned with either the Republicans or Democrats, is like most Americans: he’s upset with business as usual in Washington. Upset with elected leaders who routinely put themselves, their party, and their ideology ahead of common sense solutions. Upset with leaders unwilling to speak honestly about our national debt. Upset at the rhetoric used by many in politics today that is divisive and tearing this country apart. And upset that our political system prevents alternative voices, outside the two party system, from getting into debates and on ballots.

If elected, Chris will “favor no group, use no distortions, and call out any elected leader who puts party ahead of country, justice, or common sense”.

“I will bring with me the same values of honor, integrity, loyalty and selfless service they taught us in the Military.”

Voters throughout the country, and especially here in Florida, have grown tired of the selfish and destructive party politics that is failing us at every turn. Following this announcement Chris will campaign nonstop until election day 2012. 300 days to go from obscurity to victory.

“My campaign is not about party or ideology; it’s about finding solutions that work for America and Americans; based on the concept of a limited, focused, and informative government.”

“My job is to listen, learn, and grow from the conversations I'll have with Florida voters; build credibility, and offer common sense solutions.”

“If elected, I will have nothing but the voter to thank, nothing but the voter to serve, and that, I think, is exactly what this country needs. Not more party servants, self servants or private servants, but more public servants."


Contact: [email protected]