Gerrymandering happens when party leaders draw district lines for partisan gain by using your age, income, party affiliation, race, and past voting habits to control what district you are in.

When party leaders do this they are picking you, instead of the other way around, and when this happens you lose. When party leaders draw lines for partisan gain and create safe seats for incumbents, you lose. When party leaders divide us based on our personal traits and contribute to a divide that is tearing this nation apart, we all lose.

Very few talk about gerrymandering reform because it is not sexy. Meanwhile, the two parties quietly go about distorting our democratic process by controlling who votes in what district. Make no mistake about it, this practice has a huge impact on who wins elections and it is the most distorting and least understood democracy stealing practice that goes on today.

Restricting line drawing responsibility should not rest with Party leaders, instead it should rest with non partisan committees who use only population and geographic data to draw lines. I can't stand unfair advantage. I can't stand gerrymandering.

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